17 maja 2013

Outfit with leggings

Leggings they are a good thing for everyone. Especially, because they are very suitable for trips. I had known this before my last trip. I carried my big luggage, but my friend carried her little bag. I was so confused about that why she could brought fewer things. We needed to stay that approaching for ten days. Our travel passed day and day, and we looked different but fashionable. She told me that she only brought two coats, but I could see seven another leggings in her little bag, haha. She said that leggings are her secret weapon at any trips and they are the top-fashionable clothes in the current century. We can also see many actresses wearning leggings in the different situations. "It's interesting!" I thought. She told me a good match: leggings are very important for all of us, and everybody can buy them for all seasons. So this is a good choice to buy leggings instead of trousers. Everyday different match can show out different beauty. I must say that I liked her one piece of leggings with Colorful Asymmetric Splash-ink, she matched the leggings with a white T-shirt.. She said that it was Romwe Women's Colorful Asymmetric Splash-ink Style Spandex Leggings. The leggings were full of artistic sense like a picture from my childhood, haha. :) Just look:


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