26 kwietnia 2013

my twitter today

Cześć Kochani! Wiem, że od paru dni nie dawałam tu znaku życia, ale już jestem! :-) Niezmiernie miło mi poinformować, że mój profil na Twitterze: https://twitter.com/monikaozdoba obserwuje już ponad 3.000 osób. Jestem wdzięczna każdej z osobna, tym bardziej, że jeszcze całkiem niedawno cieszyłam się z dwóch tysięcy. :-) Dziękuję, to wiele dla mnie znaczy. Nigdy nie mów nigdy.
Hello my Sweethearts! How have you been lately? I know I haven't been here for a while, but I'm back and very pleased to announce you that my Twitter account has more than 3.000 followers for now. I want to thank each one of you! I appreciate it a lot, especially, because at the beginning of this month I had 2.000 followers. :-) Thank you, it means a lot for me. xx Never say never.   

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22 kwietnia 2013

Leggings can be your basic clothes

There are so many different types of leggings for women that you can buy today and at prices that are absolutely fabulous, especially when they are compared to other bottom options like dresses and denim.
Most women all feel that she have a slat wardrobe, the clothes in the wardrobe have been out-fashion. The best way for them: Try some basic leggings and see how many options open up for you!
It is so true. Basic leggings for women can be one of the most easiest and refreshing ways of bringing new life to your fashion wardrobe. Basic leggings come in three basic fabric types: cotton, rayon and seamless (nylon/spandex). Cotton and seamless basic leggings for women come in virtually every color you can imagine so spicing up all of your tops with different colors of basic leggings is going to create amazing new combinations for you and the best thing. Also, some ladies have tons of very expressive and colorful tops. I think the basic leggings can help them well.
 If you are one of those women who has a very extensive selection of expressive tops that need to find new life, then adding some basic leggings is going to open up your wardrobe like you never thought possible. You can wear basic leggings with a skirt, shorts or even a knee high dress. There are so many ideas that your imagination is the only thing that will limit you. Women's basic leggings are very important part of you fashion wardrobe. You should know the leggings have been basic clothes for all women. They all can match any clothes. Now in your wardrobe you must have at least 7 leggings to match your different clothes, I think it's a good way to wear the leggings with the fancy tops. All women can have a different look with the basic leggings. Can you match the Romwe Women's Blooming Fireworks Printed Leggings well? Do match the leggings with you salt clothes? :-)

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16 kwietnia 2013

To be a cool girl

In our life, there have different style girls, but I like the girls who are so cool. They like to wear cute clothes like the black rivet clothes. Maybe you some gentlewomen can’t understand such clothes. However, I think they are good match with the Romwe Women's Rivets and off Knee Style Elastic Waist Cotton Leggings in the picture. As you see, the girl in the picture wears the black rivet leggings become too slim. The clinch with the legging become a fashionable element. These clothes matches together can create a cool image for us. But it also shows the women charming off. Leggings all have the magical power. Sometime, they can bring an elegant temperament, other times they can let you enjoy the beauty of wild. So this is why most of ladies choose to have beautiful leggings to match their any clothes. Of course, I am a member of this. I love the fashionable leggings very much. The Rivets and off Knee Style Elastic Waist Cotton Leggings also are my favourite leggings. At the past, I admired that girls who has short hair and they can wear any clothes well. However, I couldn't be this style girl. Recently, I have tried any other style clothes to make me become different. In fact, I hope I can be a cool girl. This let me looked very nice because I looked very weak before. You may say that's a joke. A leggings can’t give me too much about how to develop my personality.
 But I feel that a large change can give me different sense. At first we should try everything you want to do, if you do it, you will know whether it can be successful. The Romwe Women’s Rivets and off Knee Style Elastic Waist Cotton Leggings are the magic thing to me. I try it without hesitation. Of course, I am very awkward at the first time. Gradually, I have accepted this. :)

13 kwietnia 2013

hello, spring

Cześć! Myślę, że wiosna zawitała już u nas na dobre. Oj, to była długa, dłuuuga zima! ;-) Wiem, że troszkę mnie tutaj nie było(doba ma zdecydowanie za mało godzin), ale już nadrabiam zaległości! Na dobry początek, kilka nowości ze sklepu internetowego alefarcik.pl - delikatne i dziewczęce. :-)
Hello! I woke up this morning and the sun was brightly shining. "Luckily," I thought "spring has finally arrived!" It's been a long, LONG winter here in Poland. I know I haven't been here for so long(24 hours a day is definitely not enough), but I catch up on my bogging! Today, for a good start, I wanna show you my new jewelery from alefarcik.plisn't that sweet? :-)